Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself

(thinks for five minutes…)

Know how you can tell that someone is an introvert? It’s all in the hellos and goodbyes. Most introverts comport themselves just fine during the bulk of social interactions, but can get tripped up, figuratively speaking, in the arriving and departing (a hopeless few may actually stumble). Conversational flow is interrupted, and a stiffness can creep into one’s manner. When an introvert says “hello”, an intrusive internal monologue may be announcing “this is the moment in which I present myself for your consideration”.


I’m kicking off this blog with no grand design, just a vague determination that it will be Atlanta-centric. There are plenty of good ATL blogs out there already — my goal is not to find a niche so much as to find a tone that has some appeal. I may rail against hypocrisy, but it won’t be my reason for being. I may post about the Braves three times in a row, but hopefully not four. I may venture into memoir, but any actual physical description of my navel is hereby verboten.

This is my third stab at blogging, but my first solo effort. Previous collaborations were fun at first, but eventually became echo chambers, which limit any appeal to a larger audience. So the Reluctant Atlantan is unknown to close friends and family, for now, in the hopes that readership will grow a little more organically (or virally, as the kids say nowadays).

That’s about it for now — please check in from time to time, and comments are always welcome.



  1. beaurt said

    Atlanta is huge! What area or areas do you frequent or plan to write about?
    Good luck with the blog!

  2. sansho1 said

    Thanks for the good wishes, beaurt. I suppose whatever theme the blog takes will reveal itself gradually — the quickest way to writer’s block (for me, anyway) is to announce any particular expectations up front. Take a look at my About page for possible clues.

    Not much of a hook, I admit, but I hope you stick around and find the sticking worthwhile.

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