The Georgia state Senate today approved a measure that would allow holders of concealed weapons permits to bring guns aboard MARTA trains. The pertinent AJC story quotes a senator from Social Circle who is in support of the legislation. Where is Social Circle, you ask? Right here in south Walton County, an area which is not served, and never will be served, by MARTA (which now stands for Moving Armed Riders Through Atlanta). The vote was 37-17, which may or may not exactly reflect the proportion of senators who have ever used public transportation. For what it’s worth (very little, evidently), the two senators from Atlanta who were quoted in the story opposed the measure.

(Walton County is most recently known for its annual re-enactment of a 1946 lynching, performed by some brave souls still determined to bring any perpetrators still alive to justice. No word on the progress of the screenplay for Monroe, GA Burning.)

UPDATE: The gun toters get their way in the 11th hour in what was described as an ideological battle between the NRA on one side and local business owners and civic groups on the other. If you thought that an even matchup, you ain’t from around these here parts. Creative Loafing live-blogged the final session, and I’m filled with equal parts pity and admiration. The correspondents made repeated mention of heavily boozed participants. They made repeated mention of the increasing belligerence of Speaker Glenn “Be A Man!” Richardson. Assiduously, the references were kept separate.


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  1. Stephen Lats said

    The fact that this bill passed is, first, ridiculous. I think we can go forth under the assumption that we live in the theater of the absurd, unless you pack heat, to use a vernacular that must be 15 years antiquated.

    Secondly, and I hope to write this without relying much on canned mataphors(see “theater of the absurd” and “pack heat”), this is another example of the “two Georgia” phenomenon. (I don’t consider this a “canned metaphor,” but a nicely packaged aphorism). The fact that others outside of the MARTA service area had a vote is quite telling. I’m sure that many of our non-urban legislators think that MARTA is riddled with criminals (read “black people”) and that allowing all to carry guns would thin the unsavory herd. So, the unspoken hope of our elected leaders (I find humor in both these words: “elected” because, I mean c’mon, someone actually elected these people, and “leaders,” well, that’s fairly evident) is that all those criminals (again, “black people”) will just kill each other off, metro Atlanta will just wither away and die, and Georgia can get on with the important business of becoming Mississippi, sans the casinos and Sunday beer sales.

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