I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1966, and my family moved to the north Atlanta ‘burbs in 1973. Other than a (wistfully recalled) stint in Seattle from 1999-2003, I’ve resided in the Atlanta or Athens area ever since. UGA grad, once an aspiring journalist, now a workaday real estate title examiner who traverses the northern half of the state plying his trade.

Random list of favorites: TWO urban licks, the Oh Nellie! 5K, Ron Gant, Taco Stand, GA HWY 1 North in Polk County, Decatur Book Festival, Plaza Theater, Athens Botanical Gardens, Twain’s, and the underused Jerious Norwood.



  1. Drew said

    I currently live in Seattle and I’m considering moving to Atlanta. I’ve been in Seattle about 4 years now (lived in DC for 8 years prior, grew up in CA) and feel this city lacks energy and can be socially awkward at times.

    How are you liking your transition to ATL as compared to your experience in Seattle?

    Thank you,

    • sansho1 said

      Hey Drew, sorry for the late reply — this blog is practically orphaned. I grew up in Atlanta, so moving back was not much of a transition. The comparison I’ve
      always drawn between the people of the two cities is that Seattle-ites tend to be more polite but less friendly. It’s probably easier to meet people here in the ATL.
      Good luck to you! -Sam

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